Thursday, July 19, 2012


Brian Hay in the black and orange BH-3 car won the feature at the Tuesday night Demolition Derby. The only problem was that there were only four cars in the feature. The entire derby was over in one hour. The announcer attributed the low participation of cars was due to the economy.

Car 86 won the Figure 8 event at the derby. There were only three cars entered in this contest.

There was a tractor demo event on Tuesday. The youth contest was held on one end of the track, and the adults on tractors were on the other end of the track. There were only four adult competitors, but several youth participated.

Based on past demolition derbies at the fair, the 2012 show had a decent spectator crowd, but poor event participation. I hope Thursday's derby is better, otherwise Fayette County might get a bad reputation for derby entrants.

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