Saturday, May 26, 2012


The killing goes on. I have been watching the greenery grow beside the fence in my back yard. As hardy perennials, Daylilies keep coming back each year. My mother had the bulbs planted over 20 years ago, and we have been enjoying them each year since.

This year my hopes were killed, along with my lilies. Earlier this year, the neighbor on my left trapped and stole my cat, Daisy, and as far as I know, she could be dead by now. He hates cats and also deprived my neighbor across the street of her cat, Ole Tom, by doing the same thing. Ole Tom could not survive on his own due to a couple disabilities, so we are sure he is already in cat Heaven.

As I watched the green leaves grow, the lilies were going to bloom soon. However, the neighbor on my right took it upon himself to spray Roundup (or something similar) on my lilies while I was not looking. He does not live there, but owns the house which he rents to his girlfriend. He takes care of the yard work.

I went outside with my dog a few days ago to find yellow, wilted leaves. I was shattered at the sight. The above photo shows what I found. The photo below shows what they are suppose to look like.

My 'flower-man' who planted my geraniums this year took a look at the lilies and immediately said, "They were sprayed with something like Roundup." A second opinion just enhanced my disappointment.

The killing needs to stop. Some people have no respect for other people's property - the little things that make someone happy. Why do these nasty men pick on a senior lady who minds her own business?

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