Thursday, November 17, 2011


Computer cords can be hazardous to your health!

Thursday is just another day in the week. For me, it's usually house-cleaning day. But today, it turned out to be KISS THE CARPET DAY.

Once I got my morning started (well before noon for all those who think I sleep everyday NOT), I walked to the living room couch to turn on my computer. I was then going to get up to walk to another room. Instead, my foot got caught on the printer cable attached to my laptop and I found myself going forward, reaching my arms out to stop the thump, and ease myself to the floor as best I could.

In my head it was like slow motion, but I quickly found myself counting to ten, rolling over and getting back up. I put my slipper back on (which came off in the fall) and soon found myself being a couch-tater today due to some right hip and leg pain. I'm sure it will ease up and it has not stopped me in the past. About four years ago, I tripped over a vacuum cleaner cord and fell on that same hip.

Safety begins at home, make sure all cords are out of the way and you can't trip over them. MY NEW MESSAGE FOR THE DAY!

I'm fine and life goes on. Sometimes getting older is just a bitch!

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