Monday, November 7, 2011


This is a beautiful sight - to me. It means that I have accomplished much. I have cleaned out both my closets and have many empty hangers now.

I have room in both closets - it's such a good feeling. I had too many clothes. I got rid of everything that didn't fit, or that I haven't worn in six months to a year, or items I just didn't like anymore.

I filled three large white trash bags and took them to Goodwill. I gave certain items away to friends who could use them. I also put many things on the Facebook sites that offer items for sale - Fayette County Yard Sales, South Central Ohio Buy/Sell/Trade. Facebook now has a Greenfield Yard Sale site, and other surrounding areas.

The "cleaning-out" bug hit me and I have also cleaned out my tote of winter sweaters, which were included in the "sale site", and my purse tote, most of which went to Goodwill. I have seriously downsized my closet.

That "bug" that hit me is now being transferred to a neighbor, who also desires to clean-out her house. I have given her some tips and even offered to help. I already got her started on vitamin B12 daily since I take it and am feeling much better these days. I think she'll catch that "cleaning" bug any day now!

I have been cleaning out one room at a time, every nook and cranny, and have found many things to advertise for sale - just "stuff" I no longer use, no longer need, or new items never used. The downsizing is really making me feel good about my neat, clean house. It took two months to accomplish each room one at a time, but the feeling is overwhelmingly wonderful!

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