Monday, August 8, 2011


Did you know that there are several other declared candidates for president in 2012? Have you heard a lot about these candidates?

1. Gary Johnson – Lutheran, Pro-Choice (for the woman), who wants controlled immigration, construction business owner, and former governor of New Mexico, former Libertarian Republican, who wants to legalize marijuana.
2. Thad McCotter – Catholic, attorney, state representative from Michigan, and lead guitarist of New Flying Squirrels.
3. Buddy Romer – Methodist, businessman, and former governor of Louisiana, former Democrat, now Republican. It was noted in a news item that no one wants him in the Iowa debate. He has used Comedy Central as his media outlet.
4. Fred Karger – Jewish, openly gay man, former Republican who is running as in Independent. He believes in government staying out of women's reproductive rights because it's a private affair. He also believes in giving citizenship to deserving immigrants.
5. Jimmy McMillan – from “The Rents Too Damn High Party” who is now being evicted from his New York apartment.

And, last, but not least, is Newt Gingrich. What can you say about Newt? His campaign is deeply in debt, his staff all quit on him, a professor, a Lutheran to Southern Baptist to Catholic, who wants all illegals to go home, wants to convert Social Security to an IRA system, cut all welfare, and would send all unwed mothers to group homes. The media found that he was a “twitter faker” since the majority of his followers were not real people. His main focus has been selling his books and videos through the use of a campaign.

Then there is the religious radical governor of Texas, Rick Perry, who has been trying to rumor the field by pushing the limit of the separation of church and state; a Methodist, farmer/rancher, formerly in the Air Force. One media outlet stated that he was too happy being the “President of Texas” to really jump in the real presidential race.

As I said before:
My main point is – if the middle class is to be sustained, and the seniors, poor, disabled and veterans are to be protected, there is ONLY ONE CHOICE – a second term for Barack Obama. Tax loopholes for the rich need to be stopped, taxes on the rich need to be raised, and the Tea Party (obstructionists) need to be voted OUT. NOW! - Not after we lose all our union rights, worker's rights, voting rights, health care options, and the wealthy continue to BUY judges and politicians. VOTE TO PROTECT YOURSELF AND OUR COUNTRY FROM DESTRUCTION.

Do not despair my fellow citizens, the loud, nut-growing, Hawaiian resident, and former television star ROSEANNE BARR announced on the Jay Leno Show recently that she is now running for president. Look out for falling NUTS!

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