Saturday, August 20, 2011


I am an analyzer. I have also learned that history repeats itself, sometimes.

Out of 44 presidents in our country, 8 were born in Virginia, 7 were born in Ohio, 4 were born in Massachusetts, 4 were born in New York, 2 were born in North Carolina, 2 were born in Texas, 2 were born in Vermont, and one each were born in: Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, South Carolina, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

19 of 44 presidents (43%) were elected (from) after residing in a different state from where they were born.

The top eight Republican candidates are as follows (since Pawlenty quit): (1) Michele Bachmann, a law school graduate who never took the bar exam and was never licensed to practice law, congresswoman born in Iowa; (2) Herman Cain, a pizza businessman born in Georgia; (3) John Huntsman, a businessman born in California and a former governor; (4) Ron Paul, congressman, a physician born in Pennsylvania; (5) Mitt Romney, an investment banker/lawyer born in Michigan and a former governor; (6) Rick Santorum, a lawyer and senator born in Pennsylvania; (7) Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, college professor born in Pennsylvania; and (8) Rick Perry, the newest entrant in the race, born in Texas, graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.S. in Animal Science in 1972, after military service in the Air Force, he returned to Texas to become a cotton farmer. Perry started his political life as a Democrat like his father, but in 1989 changed his party to a Republican. He is a former Methodist, but now professes to be an Evangelical Christian.

My analysis of this says there are one lawyer, two businessmen, one congresswoman, one banker/lawyer, one farmer, one professor, and one doctor in the mix. There has never been a doctor in the White House, so history says Ron Paul is not a favorite. I don't believe the country will elect a woman at this time, because so many men in politics are putting women down and trying to take over their (uterus) freedom of choice.

That leaves six choices: a farmer/governor (Perry), a pizza businessman (Cain), a banker/lawyer/former governor (Romney), a lawyer/senator (Santorum), a professor/Speaker (Gingrich), and a businessman/former governor (Huntsman). By process of elimination, Cain does not have enough support finishing 5th in Iowa; and Gingrich lacks support and is deeply in debt finishing 8th in Iowa.

The remaining four candidates finishing in Iowa, 4th Santorum, 6th Perry, 7th Romney, and 9th Huntsman. Analyzing these four, and having nothing against any religion, Romney is a Mormon with polygamy in his ancestry, and Huntsman is a Mormon; the 2011 Pew Poll found that 3 out of four voters would not vote for a Mormon, because of their radical religious beliefs. Romney, being a front-runner, still has a lot of political baggage to overcome to get full public support.

Perry (Texas) and Santorum (Pennsylvania) are the two candidates left to follow, and the other early primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina will surely eliminate one or two of the eight total viable candidates. Note: We have had 2 other presidents from Texas, and one from Pennsylvania; history repeating.

Since Perry also has a lot of political baggage to overcome in his run for the White House, I truly believe that Michele Bachmann will have to eat her words about a "one-term president."

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