Thursday, August 18, 2011


Continuing from yesterday:

Republican Ronald W. Reagan was the 40th president, born in Illinois, a conservative, of the Disciples of Christ Church, his aims were to stimulate economic growth, curb inflation, increase employment, cut taxes and government spending. His strengthening of defense forces led to a large national deficit, increasing defense spending by 35%. He overhauled the income tax code, eliminating deductions and exempting low income families; and he has a record of peace and prosperity for the nation.

Another Republican president from Massachusetts followed, George H. W. Bush, an Episcopalian, Yale graduate, Navy veteran, who wanted a 'kinder gentler nation'. His career was in Texas oil prior to coming into office in a changing world (ie, end of the Cold War, fall of Communism, fall of the Berlin Wall). He garnered high deficit spending, during a faltering economy, there was rising violence in the country, and he promoted Desert Storm on Iraq.

Democrat William J. Clinton, a Baptist, Yale graduate, born in Arkansas was the 42nd president. During the eight years of his administration, America enjoyed more peace and economic well-being than any time in history. His term included the lowest unemployment and lowest inflation in 30 years. He reduced the welfare rolls, his time had the highest homeownership, and he focused on ending racial discrimination. Clinton upgraded the educational system, restricted handgun sales, and strengthened environmental rules. During the Clinton administration, it was the first time in 12 years that the White House and the Congressional majority were from the same party. Clinton was the second president to be impeached by the House, but he was cleared by the Senate, and enjoyed very popular approval ratings, and was popular in foreign relations.

The next president was Republican George W. Bush, a Methodist, born in Connecticut, a Yale graduate with a degree in history, moved to Texas with his family in the early years and became a pilot in the Texas Air National Guard. He received a Masters from Harvard Business School and went into a career in the energy business. He believed in conservative philosophy and bipartisan governing as the Governor of Texas. During his term, he raised the standard of education with No Child Left Behind, modernized Medicare with a prescription drug benefit, and implemented free trade agreements. He passed improvements for air quality, made ocean resources for environmental protection available, doubled support for veterans, and expanded the NATO alliance. After 9/11, he led the reorganization of the federal government by reforming the intelligence community, formed the Department of Homeland Security, and initiated the Iraq war, based on false intelligence information, that lasted for many years and cost the country billions, raising our national debt by trillions.

Bush2 wanted to save us from tyranny, but put us into two wars that bankrupted this country. It sounds like we (the people) are searching for something – due to radical shifts in power every two to four years. We are losing our values, have too much materialistic indulgence, and our government has become wicked and corrupt.

We look to billionaires to save us (to create jobs) when all they do is go for personal objects for happiness and fulfillment (fancy cars, mansions, jewelry). We have a “crisis of values” in this country. All humans are equal in life, of infinite value, and matter more than material objects. The suggestion to “invest in people” is the correct idea, because people are the nation's best asset. One good deed can change a small part of the world.

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