Friday, December 27, 2013


Red sky in the morning – sailors take warning, (a storm is coming)
Red sky at night – sailors' delight. (the storm has passed)

The rhyme is a rule of thumb for weather forecasting, dating back over 2000 years, based on the reddish glow of the sky, related to storms in the area. Due to the rotation of the earth, storm systems travel from west to east.

I have very quiet neighbors – for the most part. I live on a cul-de-sac with only 10 homes. I know 90% of my neighbors. The ones I don't know are the quietest.

My backyard is the quietest area of all. There is a small cemetery behind me. I am not superstitious nor believe in ghosts. Obviously, I'm not into feng shui because those who are will not live near  a cemetery. Living behind a cemetery also insures there won't be any big development near the site and it will be well maintained.

Cemeteries are full of history. Sometimes there is a beautiful view out my backdoor (as you can see in the photo). In the last two years, I really got interested in genealogy and have researched my family back many generations.

I checked a real estate website and found that homes close to cemeteries sell for more than others, because of the “quiet neighbors” issue. They compared the $162 per square foot to the $145 of homes further from cemeteries.

Some people who love living near a cemetery like the idea that they are near history. Just like living in an antique house gives some people a sense of the past and continuity, living near a cemetery — especially one of the very old and historical ones — can provide that same sense of continuity and grounding. 

Living here has grown my interest in history, and I do feel grounded here. And I love the QUIET atmosphere.

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