Monday, December 30, 2013


Much has been said in public and on the news about the recent Duck Dynasty curfuffle. The Robertson family made millions with their invention and now have a reality show making more money. I don't fault A&E for suspending Phil Robertson for his malicious comments, it's their business. But, Robertson didn't make his awful comment ON the air or ON his TV show. However, people in the public eye should NOT make comments like that without some kind of repercussion (large or small). Or, keep their mouth shut! His suspension has been lifted and he now back on the show.

As a God-fearing family, Bible believing group, Phil Robertson is NOT a good representative of his family if he makes homophobic or racial comments in public. Jesus healed the sick, fed the poor, and walked with leapers. Jesus treated ALL men equal. So should Mr. Robertson.

I don't like BIGOTS and I don't like RACISIM. My best advice would be to STOP WATCHING DUCK DYNASTY unless you don't mind rich people flaunting themselves and being racists and bigots. I never watched the show to begin with - and I DON'T plan to start now!

Note: A local cop made similar comments on social media recently (which is NOT his job) and will probably get his hand slapped and get back to work, the same as Mr. Robertson did.

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