Sunday, December 30, 2018

The New Year Approaches

Today's message at church this morning was inspiring. It was a story about how an immigrant boy was saved by a group of soldiers overseas who found him, saved him, taught him, mentored him, and brought him back to America. They taught him how to pray, and every night he thanked the soldiers by name at the end of his prayer. We all need more prayer in our lives.

We all need to help each other more in the coming new year. The division in this country has gotten more dangerous than ever. We are at risk of losing our Christian values to racism, bigotry, greed, lies and corruption. Those evils are not what this country was founded upon. The Native American Indians helped the Pilgrims when they first migrated to America. (Now we take away their reservation land and monuments, and pollute their waters with pipelines built by greed.) Bigotry and racism has led to mocking the immigrant, no matter where they are from. Remember, Jesus was a Middle Easterner who preached to many about helping one another, feeding the hungry, and praying to God.

Right now, we all need to pray and pray hard and constantly for God to save us from the evil that is being perpetrated upon us from racist, bigots who are corrupting our government with authoritarian ways. Ours is a Democracy born out of The Bill of Rights and the Constitution, both of which are being trampled upon by evil white men. ALL MEN WERE CREATED EQUAL, and we have Freedom of Religion. That means freedom to worship as we choose, not ban certain religions from entering this country. We are a country founded by immigrants and the Statue of Liberty will welcome all.

I don't like to make hard-fast New Years Resolutions. I would rather call them goals, something to strive for, to give hope. My goal for 2019 is to help as many people as I can. I have donated many crocheted hats and blankets for newborns and preemies to the Kettering Hospital NICU in Kettering, Ohio. I donated a box of red hats to the Red Cross for their collections. Recently, I donated ladies hats to the Carnegie Library collection for Cancer patients. I made dog and cat blankets for a friend who assists in rescue units for animals. I made warm shawls for ladies in the nursing home and lap blankets for wheelchair patients. And much more. In this new year, I will try to do more. Babies, the sick, and the elderly are being shoved aside, forgotten, abused, and each day those in power try to take away their livelihood and medical care. Please be kind to the sick, take care of the babies, and mainly - RESPECT the elderly. They have wisdom beyond their years and can freely share that with the younger generation.

My New Years suggestion: set a goal to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, be kinder, gentler, more forgiving, and help one another when you can. God will see your good deeds, because he knows your heart.

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