Friday, September 26, 2014


Life is different. I have decided to downsize dramatically my household items, large and small. I am preparing for an auction to “clean house” of all unwanted/unused items.

I have five pieces of furniture, two lamps, and about 30 tote boxes of items collected so far. Each day as I walk through the house, I find another item to add to a box of sale items. I'm cleaning out my cupboards in the kitchen also. If I don't use it – it's going to be gone.

I have cleaned half of the garage and will have more items to sell when the second half is completed. My garage is getting neater as I go. There are so many items for the sale that can't go into totes or boxes, but I'm sure I can fill two pickup trucks, not counting furniture.

I read a book called Minimalist: Decluttering for Joy, Health and Creativity. I found that I could do more with less, meaning that I didn't need all the visual “stuff” sitting around on table tops and bookcases.

Since I am getting out of the craft business, I filled two tote boxes of crafty items and donated them to my church rummage sale coming up next week, along with several other items.

I have a couple items boxed to ship to my niece in Oklahoma, since she wanted them. I have not heard from any other family members yet as to what they might want or need. I am still checking.

Today, I cleaned out my front “coat” closet and found one to donate to the rummage sale, The Ohio State University Buckeyes jacket (which I put on Facebook for sale since it is new), and two others that I will try to give to someone in need of a winter jacket. That thinned out the closet to what I really wear or need. I have two pair of winter boots, each for different depths of snow, and that is all I need.

It feels good to unburden the mental attachment to items and let things go. I can do well with less – just what I really need. My living room will look more roomy once I remove the four large furniture items; and the dining area will improve after the china cabinet and contents are sold, including the silverware set in the felt-lined wooden case that I've stored for 50 years.

I am anxious to declutter and move on – looking forward to the future.

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