Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Some people are so unpredictable, like life.

A woman in Wilmington moved to a senior apartment complex and could not keep her two year old dog. She advertised to find a home for him.

After an interview process by the owner to find just the right home, my friend got the dog and happily brought him to his new home with a fenced yard. Being retired, she has plenty of time to spend with her new pet Corgi. She always wanted a Corgi dog.

The dog is smart, adapted well to his new environment and was well mannered. A bond had formed after almost two weeks.

Then the unexpected happened. Today the former owner showed up at my friend's door and wanted her dog back. She said she cried all the time and just can't live without him. She had made some kind of arrangement with the apartment complex about keeping her dog.

She repossessed the dog! What a confusing thing to put the dog through just as he was getting settled in his new home. My friend was shocked, but had no choice but to relent and give the dog back. The ironic thing was that when the woman went to the fence where my friend was out in the back yard playing with the dog, it gave no response to the former owner, but stayed with my friend until being repeatedly called to by the former owner. Then it was just like, “oh hi.” There was no excited reunion.

The dog was put into the car and taken away, along with all its possessions (toys, blanket, food dish, etc.).

I was also a bit shocked at the incident. So the hunt for a rescue Corgi begins again, and the healing begins for both the dog and my friend. The dog lost a big fenced yard in which to run and play and the devotion of a great friend.

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Ken Hecker said...

My wife and I were Cardigan Welsh Corgi people for decades. Our first was the grandson and son of Corgis my wife had grown up with. Aristotle (as Mary Anders said in an episode of THE ADDAMS FAMILY, "That's a strange name for a dog" (Wednesday's Aristotle was an octopus)) lived to be 14, and won his last of 30 Best of Breeds at 8 1/2, after nearly dying three times from an auto-immune disease. We also had his daughter, and then a fun little Pembroke (red like the one you showed), who loved her puppy Golden Retriever. We know why the Queen loves Pembrokes, and will even intervene herself if they get in fights (one bit her). I hope your friend can find a dear Pembroke. Wonderful breeds from Cardiganshire and Pembrokeshire in Wales.