Thursday, July 10, 2014


I have now overcome the effects of my recent lack of sleep.

My newest family member is now 12 weeks old and his training is going very well. He is a smart puppy. He is totally crate trained and goes inside at night without coaxing. At eight weeks, when I first got him, he was on a two-hour-pee schedule. Therefore, I didn't get much sleep at night. I took many daily naps. As of last night, it is now a six-hour-pee schedule, progressing from two, to three, to four, to five, to now. I can now get a total six hours continuous night time sleep.

He is now housebroken and whines to get my attention to go outside. He knows what "GO PEE" means and complies. He also now walks well on the leash. He knows the word "NO" and responds to his name 90% of the time. He also knows the command "SIT" and does it often. We are working on consistent repetitive command training. We are starting to work on the "LIE DOWN" and "COME" commands. He is alert, attentive and eager to please. I like dog training and took many suggestions from The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan.

I was invited to a friend's home and asked to bring Duke with me, because my friend had not yet seen him. Since he is now housebroken, I agreed to visit for a couple hours with Duke. The visit went very well and Duke was on his best behavior. Duke is by nature a very calm dog (yellow lab). As my friend and I sat and talked, Duke laid down at my feet. Duke has decided he must be near me at all times. He's a real mama's-boy. And very well behaved!

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