Thursday, September 27, 2012


A rally was held in Middletown at the union hall of the steel workers today. The featured speaker was Sherrod Brown, State Senator from Ohio.

In spite of the rain approaching, the crowd gathered, umbrellas in hand. A stage was originally set up in the parking lot, but after this cloud appeared, the work crew moved the podium and sound system to the picnic shelter house.
The news media was there to cover the event from Channel 7 in Dayton. They got a chance to interview Sherrod Brown briefly before his speech. Several other politicians spoke first.
Sherrod Brown spoke briefly with Neil Douglas, the current president of the steel workers union, and host of the event.
During his speech, Sherrod focused on the auto bailout reminding the crowd that the Chevy Cruse is built in Lordstown, Ohio, and named every Ohio city where the many parts for the Cruse are made here in Ohio, including the steel made right there in Middletown.
At the rear of the shelter house, a Chevy Cruse was on display so Sherrod could talk about it.
One of the speakers was Raymond W. Lembke, an attorney in Cincinnati, who is running for the 12th Circuit Court of Appeals. He was selected to Ohio Super Lawyers for 2012 and next year, and has been practicing law for at least 28 years.

I am hoping we will see both these candidates in Fayette County soon.

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