Monday, September 3, 2012


I read and agree with the following quote from Keith Olbermann:

Today is Labor Day. Many of our friends, family, and even foe are out of work, [due] to no fault of their own. They struggle every day of their lives trying to find work. Some are forced to live in the streets, while others sleep in shelters, or some have to move in with family or friends. The Republican Congress has an approval rating of 11%. They got that rating from the majority of the people. They are off work more than they are on. They have done nothing to help improve our economy. Obama has done the best he could, but we all know, who understands how the houses work...that without a FUNCTIONAL Congress, the President's hands are tied behind his back. "Untie his hands we ask" [Congressmen] work for us. We expect you to do your job that you get a fine salary for. Personally, I didn't agree or applaud Clint's debacle at the convention...but he did say something that most of us feel. If they're [Congressmen] NOT doing their job, it's time to let them go.

People hunger literally for work, in order to take care of their families. They cannot reap the benefits of their labor, unless they are laboring at a job. They cannot celebrate this day, being unemployed. You [Congress] have stolen that from them. You are a shameful bunch of people. And, we should punish those who decided that getting Obama [making him look bad] was a far better choice, than putting people back to work. Betting against the people, because of one no way to behave. Because when you bet against the are essentially betting against America. And, that my friends is as unpatriotic as one can get.

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