Sunday, September 23, 2012


Last Wednesday evening, I began to feel the body aches, the runny nose, the sneezing, clogged sinus's, all the classic symptoms of a cold or flu, so I went to bed very early. Thursday morning when I awoke, I could hardly breathe, and my flu was in full bloom.

I am a person that almost never gets sick, like real sick. I have many backaches with accompanying headaches. But I haven't had the flu in many years, as in the past seven years, I have gotten my yearly flu shot every year around the first of October. Therefore, this bout with sneezing and sinus congestion is not usual for me. If I had known that the "bug" was going around, I might have gotten my flu shot earlier this year!

I spent Thursday and Friday in bed, trying to get better, and mainly to BREATHE easier. By Saturday at noon, I had a reason to get up, shower and dress. My favorite son/EMT came over to check my blood pressure, and I checked my blood sugar. I was still breathing, but not well. Then he reminded me that I should have an inhaler in the medicine cabinet. Sure enough, a new inhaler was found and he said it would take the elephant off my chest. I mentioned that the tightness in my lungs felt like the commercial where an elephant is sitting on the guy's chest. I took a few puffs and I was able to breathe easier.

Later in the evening, I was relaxing on the couch with my computer on my lap, playing a few games of solitaire. My dog loves to lie on the couch with me, so she was cozy at the other end. Along came the little cat out of the front window, looked at the cards moving around briskly on the screen, and walked onto my chest. She made herself comfortable by lying down under my chin and watched the cards for a while before putting her head down to nap.

It wasn't long before I started to cough, but she didn't move. Little Miss Kitty soon felt like the elephant back on my chest as I had to cough a few more times. I finally had to put her down on the couch and reached for my water.

I'm hoping the elephant in the room is soon gone, my breathing improves, and the stuffiness in my head disappears. Right now, the cat and dog are curled up together, a more rare sight, as they have been getting more friendly with each other. It was quite an adjustment for Ms. Dog to have Miss Cat join our family. She was so used to chasing cats outdoors. Now they realize I share my time with both. I just don't want to share my time with this cold!

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