Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Dear Friends and Readers, this is a short update on my earlier blog A MONSTER AMONG US. If you have not yet read it, please go back and familiarize yourself with that item.

My friend and I have been going through such a traumatizing time. No one knows how many sleepless nights we've had in the past two weeks; no one knows how many times we've cried real tears for our lost loved ones, Tom and Daisy.

Fact: In Ohio, PETS ARE PERSONAL PROPERTY. Personal property removed or taken from an individual without consent is THEFT.

Step one was to make a report to the local Humane Society. That was done and they began an investigation. NOTE: that investigation is still ongoing because new facts seem to come to light every few days. I cannot reveal that information as yet. Suffice it to say a lawyer was contacted and advice taken.

Step two was to make a police report for THEFT of personal property. I am happy to report that said report was made today. A police officer took our statements and was to follow up. That's all I can say about that right now. Stay tuned!

My friend and I were talking later in the day and hypothesizing different scenarios. We came up with one that I thought I would share with you.

Think about the mental satisfaction...

Step one: Humane Society report - DONE.
Step two: Police report - DONE.
Step three: The Humane Society cites the offender (MONSTER) for animal cruelty and abandonment.
Step four: The police file the THEFT charges and the next logical step is to proceed to court.
Step five: Injured parties (us) and offender (MONSTER) appear in court with all witnesses and evidence. (Remember, theory in progress.)
Step six: Offender (MONSTER) is found guilty of said crime(s).

We think it only appropriate to now consider the penalty phase that comes next. Personally, I'm not going to research what the monetary fine might be, but speculate that the Judge COULD impose a $25 per personal property item (cat) fine.

However, we believe MORE is needed and necessary. Enter - thought to lawyer to suggest to Judge:

Why not have the offender (MONSTER) do five hours (one hour per day for one week) of community service? He should spend time at the local Humane Society feeding all the cats. I have been to the Humane Society office several times and they have some cute, playful cats running around their office during the day, all wanting to be adopted, but all needing to be fed daily (as ours were).

Then the offender should do some "service" (one hour per day for one week) at our local dog pound (treating all creatures equally - dogs and cats) as the daily POOPER SCOOPER.

Then he would really know what a SHIT JOB is and how much SHIT he has inflicted upon those who did him NO HARM, but were harmed because of his arrogant attitude!


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