Tuesday, April 17, 2012


On Sunday afternoon, I went to the Washington Middle School for the FCCA concert. The singing group The Four Aces performed to a great crowd. It was good music, some comedy, and excellent showmanship. They seem to love to perform to an audience. One member stands perfectly still while singing, one member's knees move to the music, one member plays guitar most of the time while singing, and the bass singer is a great dancer while he sings. His leg movements just suggest he is probably very good on the dance floor too.

Since 1950, The Four Aces have been internationally acclaimed as a group who has not only produced some of the most beautiful vocal renderings ever, but for being superb showmen as well. They have delighted audiences of all ages, around the world, with their timeless hit songs and current musical selections. After you have seen their performance, you will know why The Four Aces are the "very best" at what they do, indeed in a class by themselves. The Four Aces have been associated with many wonderful songs over the years, such as "Three Coins In The Fountain", "Tell Me Why", "Sincerely", "Shangri-La", "Love Is A Many Splendored Thing", "Stranger In Paradise", and "Dream".

Fred Diodati - The only original member of the group from the 1950's
Having performed with the four aces since the 50's, fred's warm, charismatic stage presence and great tenor voice have made him what many consider to be one of the best lead singers/spokesman in the business today.

Joe Giglio
Every group has a funny man... Joe is the aces! in addition to his vocals and jokes, he is also an outstanding guitarist, as evidenced by his rousing rendition of "malaguena".

Harry Heisler
Besides singing bass and being the musical conductor, his main love, as he will readily tell you, is the trumpet, on which he is featured both as a soloist and accompaniment to his partners.

Danny Colingo
Danny's stage presence, powerful voice and ability to not only sing fluent italian, but impersonate such luminaries as Johhny Mathis to a tee, make him a vital part of The Four Aces.

The picture above is of their latest album which was on sale at the event. Here's one of my favorites they performed...

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