Wednesday, April 4, 2012


After analyzing survivability, my friend and I have given Daisy a 50 percent chance of survival/living since being taken from the care and comfort of her only known environment where she was fed two or three times daily and given much love and attention. Wherever she is now, today, she is probably starving and scared. It breaks my heart that someone so dastardly cruel lives so close to me.

We have given old Tom a zero percent chance of survival/living due to several factors, unfortunately. He is lame due to an injury about a year ago. He cannot run and walks slowly with a distinctive limp. Therefore, he cannot forage for his own food supply. He was used to the safety and comfort of his surroundings having two specific places to hide from Mother Nature's elements. He also loved the attention he got from his two loving nurturers.

It is just heartbreaking to know that both are scared, lonely, hungry, and alone in a strange place. They will not survive. They were sentenced to death the moment the MONSTER snatched them from their loving homes.

ENTER A STRANGER – While my friend and I were at the Humane Society office Monday, a lady walked in to speak to one of the Officers. Her outside cat had kittens not too long ago and she said she could not keep the kittens. Overhearing this, we inquired about them (it's a small open room with no verbal privacy). I finally asked where she lived and that we might like to have the three little kittens to help her out. It will also help keep the mice away!

It won't be long and we will soon have new little loving babies to nurture. With love and food and shelter, I'm sure it won't take them long to know where they live and are loved. We are looking forward to our new family addition. They will have name and owner I.D. Tags!

My friend and I were talking today and thinking of new names for our babies. After considering many, we have chosen Mi'kel for one male, Larriet for the other male, and Allyson for the female. Being brothers and sister will help them adjust and stay together, being raised together.

Bless the stranger who appeared to us when our heartache was so deep. Mi'kel, Larriet, and Allyson will NEVER take the place of our love and devotion to Daisy and Tom, but in time they will help us heal from our depression and grief over their loss. We can only pray that Daisy and Tom live, but the odds are against it. Their starvation, loneliness and fear will overcome them in a month or so, we are sure. But life goes on and our new found pets (and PERSONAL PROPERTY) will soon be in our hearts. MOVING ON!

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