Saturday, February 4, 2012


Today was a day to get psyched for more than one reason. It was a GREAT day!

First, the weather was spectacular with the sun shining and warmer temperatures - hey, remember, it's FEBRUARY. NO SNOW!

Second, my knee was swollen and sore so I went to get my therapy to ease the pain and reduce the swelling. It felt so much better afterwards.

Third, I came straight home and felt so good, I reached for the leash and my little gal got excited...she immediately knew she was going outside. I took her for a brisk walk around the block. We both enjoyed getting that exercise.

Fourth, as soon as we got home, we went into the backyard for a little more fresh air and she could run around the fenced yard. While I was out there I noticed that the weather is fooling more than the weatherman and people who usually expect to be holding snow shovels every day. Mother Nature has fooled the daffodil. I have one plant that is already six inches tall. The other batch is sprouting multiple stems about an inch tall each.

Personally, I think Mother Nature can be (like me - huh Tango?) a funny lady sometimes. She is punking us with climate change - warm weather in February and scaring the buds to rise up through the dirt. If we do ever get any really cold weather and/or snow, the delicate daffodils will be so shook up, they will freeze.

I'm happy to see their little buds bursting forth, but I will worry about their health until I know Spring has really sprung!

Now that this nice Friday has passed, I'm REALLY psyched and ready for the New England Patriots to win the SUPER BOWL Sunday night at 6pm. I'm SO ready for this game! Go Brady!

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