Friday, February 17, 2012


The lady across the street has two indoor cats. I have one indoor dog. I used to have five cats (four indoor and one outdoor) several years ago.

Our street (of only 10 houses) has two resident cats -- used-to-be strays. They now stay at her house under her back porch, or my house under the front porch.

(Daisy) About three weeks ago, I found Daisy curled up on the chair on my front porch. She was friendly and wanted to be petted. She was in that chair often so I decided to buy some cat food and make her happy. Daisy's boyfriend, Tom, had been the resident street cat around here for about a year. I guess she decided to move into his neighborhood for a better atmosphere. Tom was only friendly with the lady across the street, and had not yet accepted me as a friend.

(Tom) I put a double food dish on the porch and started to feed Daisy daily along with a little water. Soon Tom (a little standoffish) appeared on my porch and it only took about three days for him to finally let me pet him, since he found I was someone with FOOD. Now I can pet him and he meows at me when I talk to him. I have been ACCEPTED.

For the past two weeks, Tom and Daisy come running across the street when they see me open the front door, because they seem to know the food dish will be filled and they will each get their share of petting and soft words of hello. They don't run off the porch now when I head for the truck to leave, and they are very good about "sharing" the food dish. Once I saw him curl up behind her, waiting for her to get her share, before he dove into the bowl. How cute and gentlemanly!

(Blackie) Yesterday was different and surprising. I went out to fill the bowl and Tom and Daisy came running over, but I also noticed a solid black cat (which I now call Blackie) standing on the far corner of the porch viewing the proceedings. I pet Daisy and then Tom, as I asked them, "Did you bring a friend to dinner today?" I tried to call to Blackie, but he-or-she (I don't know yet) jumped under the porch. Later, I noticed that Blackie got a few bites of dinner out of the bowl when the other two were done, and I was inside.

Today I went out at feeding time and Blackie was in the box (with an old blanket in it) that I put out for Tom (Daisy uses the chair). He jumped out, but did not run away. The other two came running to the porch. Blackie got to the bowl first because Daisy and Tom were getting their "hello's and petting attention" and they waited before they approached the bowl. I slowly moved toward Blackie and carefully touched his/her head and Blackie did not run away. When Daisy and Tom wanted to eat, I poured just a little bit of dry cat food on the porch to let them know I was not keeping them from eating. Blackie then went under the chair and I moved to again pet him/her without objection. By tomorrow I predict I will be ACCEPTED to the new friend. None of them have collars, so strays they will stay.

Within a moment after making my greeting to Blackie, I looked out to the driveway and low-and-behold there were two more cats; one yellow and one grey and white. They never attempted to come onto the porch while I was outside. They just observed. I have no idea where they came from, but if cats have a language of their own, Tom has told his friends where he eats and they have decided to follow him to see what the benefits are here.

I have made three new feline friends and don't mind helping them out, but I don't plan to open a "Diner" to serve other neighborhoods. I will be the "Feline Feeder of Three," but I don't feel like I can match a friend who is called the "Can Opener With Legs" because he feeds about 12 per day. I just prefer a smaller number and "three" is good.

(Photos are reasonable similarities, since they have not stood still long enough for me to get actual photos.)

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