Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I went internet surfing to find a holiday to match January 10. I found that it was PECULIAR PERSON DAY today. I found the following information:

Today is not the day to poke fun. On this day we are encouraged to honor peculiar people in our life!

We did not find any reference to why the month of January or why the 10th of the month was picked to celebrate this day.

How can I Celebrate this holiday?

Find something peculiar about yourself! - Chances are, you to can find something peculiar about yourself if you look hard enough. Make a game of it with friends. Let each person tell what they think is peculiar about themselves. Be careful - you don't want to tell why you think the person beside you is peculiar - you may get slapped. Plus you don't want to hurt anyones feelings now do you. It's ok to talk about yourself though.

Therefore, I will reveal a peculiarity about myself that one special person in my life finds very funny.

If I plan to stay inside for the weekend, or bad weather is coming, I always make sure I have four items on hand: Eggos, ice cream, milk, and popcorn. Before a stormy weekend, my friend will ask me, "Do you have your Eggos and ice cream?" I can make it through any bad weather as long as I have MY staples on hand!

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