Tuesday, January 17, 2012


There were 10 companies in the news that were listed as the most hated right now. There are various reasons for each of the following, but I have listed only a couple.

1. Facebook - for their privacy issues and many unwanted changes.
2. American Airlines - bad customer service and mishandled baggage.
3. AT&T - bad customer service and network problems.
4. Nokia - lowest overall satisfaction and drop in brand value.
5. Goldman Sachs - mortgage fraud and poster boy for big banks.
6. Best Buy - online orders rejected for lack of product at Christmas.
7. Bank of America - poor customer service and being sued by the government.
8. Johnson & Johnson - recall of many products.
9. Sears - bad customer satisfaction and losing sales; closing stores.
10. Netflix - raised rates caused massive customer complaints and loss of customers.

Large companies can only grow with customer support and some of their actions have caused their downfall. Bad decisions are being made by executives and CEO's that are making millions in salaries. They don't take the customers into consideration, only their bottom line - because of corporate greed. CORPORATIONS ARE NOT PEOPLE.

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