Monday, September 5, 2011


After several hours of work, the new electric panel is a work of art. The old panel of 8 breakers had been "fixed" by someone who thought he knew what he was doing. It was only made worse. (I didn't hire the "fixer.") I was then forced to "fix" the "fix" properly and make it pass code regulations. I now know one of the best in the business - electrician. His expertise is "above and beyond" what I could have asked for.

I am fortunate to know an experienced electrician who works at Home Depot. I purchased all the parts necessary, with his help and advice. Luckily for me, my friend's brother is an expert licensed electrician and was able to do the work for me.

It started Saturday afternoon, but we had to quit at dusk. My halogen flash light was not giving enough light to continue. I was picking up trash and learning as I watched a master in action. I never knew much about electrical things, but I got an education fast.

We returned Sunday morning to complete the job. I was a good "go-fer" and ran to Ace Hardware three times, and Home Depot once for small items that were needed. The bushings and lock nuts from the old panel could not be used in the new panel. (See, I even know these terms now!) The new panel has more breakers and no item is doubled up anymore (on one breaker).

I learned the difference between 220 wiring and 110 wiring, and the panel was then marked to show which breaker was for the stove, the a/c, and dryer outlets.

My new panel will now pass its final inspection and my "black cloud" will be turned to sunny days ahead. I am grateful for my friends and their help and support during my two "black cloud" weeks. I am also blessed to know a wonderful, smart, helpful electrician and volunteer fireman who gave of his time and patience with me through all my questions and learning process. I know his parents and his brother and they are all wonderful people.

On this Labor Day, I can truly say, I watched a "labor of love" for the profession and the job he did to tear out the old and create the new "work of art."

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