Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Yesterday I learned how to remove old wall border (the wet & stick kind) that was applied over another border (the wallpaper paste type). I needed to cut some of the first layer off to square it up, and when pealed, it left the paper backing to the wall. I learned that a wet wash cloth dabbed onto the paper backing, then scraped with a plastic putty knife, removes all the paste and paper.

Once all that was done, I was able to paint the wall area where the border stopped. It was getting up and down off the step stool so many times that caused my legs to give out. But the painting got done!

The repairman showed up later and the room was ready for the final work. The mudding was completed on the drywall and the walls of the room were painted. Today, all I have to do is put the electrical outlet covers back on and vacuum the room. Then it's DONE!!

While he was working to paint the walls, I got ambitious and started painting the laundry room, until my body gave out again. He finished the areas I could not reach (because sometimes I feel short and can't reach too high). Even the shelves are straight and painted!

What an improvement all this work makes to beautify a home. Hard work. Tiring work. Makes a body hurt. But the final look is GREAT!

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