Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today I read an article about - SuperPacs and Secret Money - in the Huffington Post online. The shameful decision by the Supreme Court on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission has led to corruption, millionaire's money buying politicians. Corporations ARE NOT people, yet they also buy politicians.

The article said:

"The federal system of campaign finance is in the midst of a sea change following the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (FEC), which undid a host of regulations covering the use of corporate and union money by independent groups in elections. Those independent groups are forming a shadow campaign apparatus fueled by unlimited and often undisclosed contributions, without the same accountability required of political parties or candidates' own political action committees."

Instead of raising billions of dollars from secret donors, why don't those donors donate their money to fund unemployment compensation for the many people out of work, so they can go to the store to buy groceries to feed their families. Why don't they donate some of their big money to fund charities who take care of the elderly and poor so those less fortunate have a roof over their heads and food to eat.

The rich spend their money on luxuries and lavish life styles. They don't understand that if poor people have money, they will spend it on food, and absolute necessities, which in turn creates demand for products, which in turn makes producers of products to create more products, and to do that it needs more employees. Companies will hire more people to produce the products that are in demand, for those who have the money to spend, and the unemployment rate will come down.

A country that takes care of its poor, elderly, disabled, and homeless, is a much better country. The corruption is being paid for by millionaires who want to see the poor, elderly, disabled and homeless cease to exist. They cannot see below their noses, so high in the air.

Tax the rich, close the loopholes for the rich, and do away with big corporate tax credits instead of making the poor pay more and give up their medications or meals. The "rich bitches" of this country have no heart, no soul, and no patriotic feel for what this country was founded on. They thrive on making things worse, being obstructionists, and being racist. It's getting disgusting to even say the word that starts with "R" as a party. This country will cease to exist if they keep going down their path to destruction. I'm ashamed to say that the "Weeper of the House" is from Ohio.

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