Monday, April 11, 2011


Today is what I call Freedom Day. It's a very personal day for me alone. Its the first REAL nice, warm day in April, as far as I'm concerned. I look forward to this day each year. It doesn't happen on any specific date in April, just the first warm sunny one that I choose.

I have one "second childhood-like" passion from April to November each year. My summer toy is my classic car. I call it "classic" because of it's history. I am it's second owner. A man bought it for his wife, and just after the purchase, they split up. He took possession of the car to sell it in their split. I had just experienced a similar split up after ten years and sold my half of our home. I made a great investment in my future happiness. I bought my classic summer toy.

My summer toy is a 2000 silver Camaro convertible in excellent shape. The best thing about it just might be that I have less than 100 miles to drive before the odometer turns to 25,000 original miles, and it's turning 11 years old.

The car has never seen snow and has been garaged every winter since it came from the factory. I have not broken that tradition. As soon as the weather threatens to turn bad in November, the car, my baby, goes into the garage. And today, Freedom Day, it came back out to face the world. I let it warm up a while, then drove it around the block for a test drive. I gave it a quick clean-up and later took a short drive. She still purrs like a kitten and has power like a lion.

I enjoyed my Freedom Day and getting back in the seat, behind the steering wheel and cruising down the road (briefly) today. There are many more summer days to come, and the big kick off was emotionally great. Maybe the next time I cruise down the road (this week or next), I can put the top down and really feel the wind and sun on my face. The freedom of driving a hot car and feeling young again is the best "second childhood" experience for any senior who still has a lot of "kick" in her step!

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