Saturday, January 8, 2011


After reading a news article tonight, I learned that the Ohio Department of Development is being abolished for a 12 member "special friends" panel of appointees of our new Governor. It will be run - outsourced - to his good friend from California, Mark Kvamme. Mark is a venture capitalist (rich guy) and co-worker from Lehman Brothers, the article said. Wow, more Lehman Brothers crooks to run Ohio.

The new Board will be called JobsOhio. That's original!?! The new Governor, as of Monday, said, the good news is that not all 400 departmental employees will lose their jobs; some would be moved to other positions. How comforting to those 400.

Kvamme stated that he didn't know much about public policy, but looked forward to on the job training. Oh goodie, give a friend a job and let him learn as he goes. I thought we just heard that he was giving huge raises to certain key people on his (the Governor's) new staff, compared to Strickland's staff. Kasich stated that you had to pay to get good, qualified people. Sounds like if you are his friend, you can get a job. If not, you are **** out of luck for his four years of Ohio's agony.

WE ARE DOOMED! and will be taxed to pay for his private home security. SCREWED might be a better description.

**Mark Kvamme is a venture capitalist focusing on investments in enterprise data management software and consumer media and advertising services. (Per his resume as a Board of Directors member at Cast Iron Systems (an IBM company) in California.

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skymetalsmith said...

Thanks Gail for keeping me up on all this. Just flying the guy in every week back and forth from California will probably be costly.