Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This has been such a strange week. For some it was a three-day weekend because of the Monday holiday. Others were busy at work or going about their normal lives at home. Some people were friendly and helpful, some were not talking to each other. Who knows why? I still don't understand it. But if people don't TALK, they will never know what's wrong.

Its too bad some people just clam up, stay inside and don't even try. I found it is so much easier to go through my day if I have a friend to talk to, or at least share ideas.

This week I have been busy solving situations. For example, one of my "facilities" (toilet) stopped up and my cheap plunger just wouldn't fix it, so I called my friendly plumber.

Then I found out that one of the trees in my front yard was dead, or at least three-quarter dead, so I decided why have a dead tree threatening my house in a storm. Cut it down. So I called my friendly home repairman who has done work for me before. He cut the tree down. (The picture was taken just before the last large limb and trunk was taken down.)

Now to dispose of this small tree (others called it a medium size tree), I called another friend who has a trailer and a fireplace and TIME on his day off. I GAVE him all the firewood for hauling it all away for me. I even went outside and helped him separate the small kindling from the big chunks. Some people buy firewood for their personal use, but I have always been a generous person, so I gave it away. I saved a little of the small chunks for another friend, who has helped me in the past. I like to spread my goodwill and giving to those I can help.

Tomorrow all the wood will be gone, the yard will be cleaned of limbs, and others will be sitting in front of cozy fires, and my dead tree will no longer pose a threat to my house should a storm and high winds knock it over. I feel like I accomplished a lot by recognizing a problem, thinking about a solution, and taking action to accomplish the goal I set.

You must take charge of your life, and when faced with lemons, make lemonade. I'm still working on solving my "unknown" problem posed by a quiet person, but I never give up. However, there are times when when a person needs to separate themselves from unwanted drama in life and just let things go. I have already had enough grief in the last three weeks with the news of my aunt's cancer diagnosis and hospitalization. The weather and snow in 49 states has prevented me from visiting her for possibly the last time in her 89 years.

There's always one person I can count on to cheer me up when I'm feeling down, sad, or upset. We had lunch and TALK TIME together yesterday and that put a smile on my face and in my heart. Cherish those people in your life who are dear to you; try not to lose friendships, because they are hard to come by and are especially meaningful in older people's lives. Strive to be happy. I'm working harder at it these days. It makes a person feel good.

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