Thursday, January 20, 2011


Let it snow, let it snow. Get it out of the clouds, like getting it out of its' system. Maybe we can have an early Spring this year. I'm hoping so hard. I have had enough of snow for one season.

I'm ready for Spring, green grass and warmer temperatures. I want to take the dog for a walk again, and see the sunshine grow new grass. No, I'm not getting 'cabin fever' because I have been able to get out and about, but I'm just sick of the snow.

A little warm-up would even be nice, to melt the snow and clear the streets. The only ones who benefit from this weather are the snow plow drivers and all their overtime wages they earn. I'm sure they love this weather, but they are not the average driver or senior who might need to get to the pharmacy or grocery.

Luckily, during the recent rain we had, I stocked up on the necessities of life, so I'm good if I can't get out for a few days. I'll be just fine. To add a little to my happiness meter, my dead tree was cut and removed from my yard, so LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW.

Be safe driving out there! Snow makes for slippery roads and too many accidents for people who won't stay home. Be patient and take your time...there is nothing to be in a hurry for since life will pass one moment at a time, no faster.

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skymetalsmith said...

My sentiments exactly Gail. I hope for an early spring. Hey do you want to come to my needfire? Look it up if you have never heard of it. My concept of it is from my Irish roots. I believe when neighbors lived pretty far from one another, they had an agree upon time (like groundhog day) to make a fire that their neighbor could see from a distance to know they had made it through the worst of the winter. Anyway.... I am having one Feb. 2nd, You and Aunt Sue are invited. So far we are planning a fire and tool sharpening. So bring your hoes, axes, anything that needs to be sharpened and I will do my best.