Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I received an email today and when I read it, I was shocked. Many tried to tell the truth, but people would not listen to the truth. They wanted it THEIR WAY. The wrong way. Here's what I read:

"For the last two years, John Kasich has hidden a lot from the people of Ohio. He avoided reporters. He covered up his record at Lehman Brothers. And he refused to answer basic questions about what he would do if he were elected Governor. {Like giving away Ohio jobs to other states by stopping the rail project.}

Now, John Kasich has made clear that he wants to run Ohio’s government in secret.

Late last week, Kasich held a press conference to announce his appointment of Tom Charles as Director of the Department of Public Safety – essentially rewarding Charles for using the Inspector General’s office to damage Governor Strickland.

A reporter at the press conference asked about a conflict of interest in the appointment, and rather than addressing the question, Kasich launched into a long rant, saying that he shouldn’t be forced to answer questions about transparency. He blamed the media for asking about “all this ‘transparency’ and ‘conflicts’ and all this other stuff.” He even said that those who want open government are “hurting our kids.”

Make no mistake: Over the next four years, John Kasich will try to hide the actions of his administration from the people of Ohio. The ...people... need ... to hold John Kasich accountable. ...

Kasich also decided to hide applications for taxpayer-funded jobs, depriving the people of Ohio from knowing if he is using our tax dollars to hire a bunch of his cronies rather than the most qualified candidates. In addition, Kasich is going to move the Governor’s office out of public view – from the Statehouse to the 30th floor of an office building.

This type of secrecy might have worked for John Kasich on Wall Street, but it won’t work for the people of Ohio."

Transparency in government is what the people want. The people want to know that their elected officials are not making underhanded deals against the taxpayers. For the next four years, this will all change and the secrets will be kept against the will and the law of the people. We still have open-records laws in this state. Keep then open to the public and the media!

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