Thursday, December 2, 2010


I am part of a dream. Fr/Dr. Frank X. Klamet saw the need for a residential maternity home for homeless pregnant women in this county (and surrounding counties). Angels Awaiting Maternity Home was formed earlier this year in an effort to meet this need, in honor of Dr. Klamet's dream. It is now an Ohio non-profit 501C(3) organization, with all donations being tax deductible.

My Angels Awaiting group is involved in a fundraising effort. We are working to get a home built, furnished and opened in the Spring of 2011. Toward that effort, we have sent letters to most all business and community entities in the county. To reach other areas, we have little yellow and red houses (built and generously donated by Home Depot)for collection of monetary donations.

A county resident, knowing of our efforts, asked that a donation box be brought to his place of business, with the bosses approval, so that he and his fellow employees might participate. Each donation box is usually placed at a location for two weeks, then moved to another entity. We are hoping that all local people will support our effort.

The box was placed, pursuant to the request, and picked up two weeks later. To the amazement of our group, when the box was checked, not one dime or dollar was there. Empty. Not one employee participated in our fundraising effort - even after being requested. We are all in economic hard times, but that place is a well-paying entity.

I am saddened by this lack of empathy, and especially for the lack of help from the requester himself. It just goes to show that they want compensation and city benefits for themselves, but when asked to give back - ????

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