Monday, December 27, 2010


My friend Sue and I were going to Columbus one day this week, and when I stopped to pick her up, she had a surprise for me. We were going to stop and get subs on the way home, but she had to show me the dessert in her refrigerator. When she opened the door, I took one look and burst into pure joy and excitement. There sat my very favorite - Boston Creme Pie. I was full of anticipation all day.

After we got back to town, and ate, I slowly savored each and every bite of my favorite pie and was thrilled that she remembered that about me.

Then she took me on a tour of her Christmas House. Each room has a theme and is filled with decorations. It looked like a huge job that would take many days to complete. It must be an enormous task of repacking it all and returning the boxes to the attic. But I'm sure it is all worth it, because it was beautiful.

The living room is filled with angels, a huge tree, and her vast collection of sleighs of all shapes and sizes.(More photos below)

The dining room has wreaths and a collection of winter plates on display.

The kitchen shelf is full of collectible tins and even the bathroom had a theme with a small lighted tree.

The laundry room is the Nutcracker room as her collection fills the window sill, and cupboard.

The den is the Santa room. There were so many Santa's, I could not count them. Even the tree in there was decorated with Santa's. As we looked at the Santa's on the mantle over the fireplace, Sue told me the story of where some of them came from over the years. I think she's been collecting Christmas items since she was very young.

The most fascinating room was the library. That was the train room, filled with little trains, her Elvis tree and mementos, and her Coca Cola collection. (More photos below)

It was a journey through time, and like a mini-museum. So much work goes into getting it ready and I'm sure visitors are amazed, as I was. The Christmas House is one-of-a-kind, like my friend Sue!

More pictures to follow in the next blog item.

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