Friday, September 26, 2014


Life is different. I have decided to downsize dramatically my household items, large and small. I am preparing for an auction to “clean house” of all unwanted/unused items.

I have five pieces of furniture, two lamps, and about 30 tote boxes of items collected so far. Each day as I walk through the house, I find another item to add to a box of sale items. I'm cleaning out my cupboards in the kitchen also. If I don't use it – it's going to be gone.

I have cleaned half of the garage and will have more items to sell when the second half is completed. My garage is getting neater as I go. There are so many items for the sale that can't go into totes or boxes, but I'm sure I can fill two pickup trucks, not counting furniture.

I read a book called Minimalist: Decluttering for Joy, Health and Creativity. I found that I could do more with less, meaning that I didn't need all the visual “stuff” sitting around on table tops and bookcases.

Since I am getting out of the craft business, I filled two tote boxes of crafty items and donated them to my church rummage sale coming up next week, along with several other items.

I have a couple items boxed to ship to my niece in Oklahoma, since she wanted them. I have not heard from any other family members yet as to what they might want or need. I am still checking.

Today, I cleaned out my front “coat” closet and found one to donate to the rummage sale, The Ohio State University Buckeyes jacket (which I put on Facebook for sale since it is new), and two others that I will try to give to someone in need of a winter jacket. That thinned out the closet to what I really wear or need. I have two pair of winter boots, each for different depths of snow, and that is all I need.

It feels good to unburden the mental attachment to items and let things go. I can do well with less – just what I really need. My living room will look more roomy once I remove the four large furniture items; and the dining area will improve after the china cabinet and contents are sold, including the silverware set in the felt-lined wooden case that I've stored for 50 years.

I am anxious to declutter and move on – looking forward to the future.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014



I watched the Miss America pageant the other night and one of the best performances in the talent section was from Miss Ohio. She should meet another great ventriloquist, Jeff Dunham; they would make a great team. She sang a popular song and favorite of mine - watch this: (She's really good!)

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Yesterday, I supported the Washington Fire Department's effort to raise money for the MDA Fill The Boot Campaign. They were having a drive-thru car wash on Saturday for donations. I believe in supporting their fundraising efforts.

Captain Larry McGarvey, Lt. Martin Rennison, Lt. Tim Downing, and FF Jason O'Dierno did a good job of washing all the summer dirt off my truck. It really needed that bath. Thanks guys!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014


In my effort to eat more fruit, I found kitchen fruit flies.

A friend gave me half a very large cantaloupe last week. I cut it up in small chunks and threw the rind away.

Then last Friday at the free produce delivery at my church, I received a small watermelon. I also cut this fruit into small slices to put in the refrigerator.

Since the trashcan was not yet full, I didn't take the trash out that night. The next morning I found fruit flies in my kitchen. They are quick!!!

I did some online research and found out that a small container of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap is the best killer. I used a small plastic container, drilled a few holes in the lid and filled it appropriately. I let it sit on my kitchen sink overnight and it worked! I have only seen two since then, so I let the container stay out overnight once again. Plus, I emptied the trash and now I think they are all gone.

So if you have purchased (or been given) any fruit, leave it out or cut it for refrigeration, and you find the pesky fruit flies, put some apple cider vinegar in a container (plastic or glass) and add a few drops of Dawn (or other dish soap), cover and let it sit out overnight. You can use a covered plastic bowl or a glass jar (cover with plastic wrap and poke a couple holes in the wrap).

Fruit flies love the sweet smell, are drawn to the liquid, and they die in it. The cover with a few holes prevents the flies from escaping before contact with the liquid.


Thursday, September 11, 2014


Today I remember my parents who were married 77 years ago today, September 11, 1937. I think of you often and miss you lots!

I also remember the events of September 11, 2001 and pray for the many lives that were lost in the twin towers tragedy and pentagon plane crash. May all the families find comfort in the good memories of their loved ones.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


I had a goal. I've always been a goal setter. Goals are a good part of life.

“The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize.” - Richard M. Milnes

After doing some genealogy research, I set a goal, a two-part goal. I believed it to be an attainable goal. I laid out a plan and began to act on that plan. Every goal needs a plan.

Then my goal was hijacked. I made the mistake of telling someone my goal. There was no “can I help?” There was no “I have some resources that might be able to help, may I call them for you?” There was only one statement, “I WILL get this for you.” “I can do this.”

I appreciated the effort, but I wish I had been asked first. The person made me feel like I could not do things for myself. I have made it through most of my adult life working hard and doing things for myself. My father's greatest statement to me, which I heard many times, was “you have two feet to stand on and a head on your shoulders, now use them!” I never forgot that teaching.

When I set out to accomplish my goal, I was reminded a few times that the someone else could do it better, faster, and my methods would “be to no avail.” I said they were wrong, to let the process take place and see what happens. I had faith in the outcome. The person had no faith in ME.

When half my goal was attained by someone else, not giving me a chance or any input, it was no longer MY goal. The person had to be first to boast about accomplishing something that I had set out to do. You know, like the little kid that has to be first on the bus, or first to raise their hand in class, always wanting attention.

I was hurt and felt 'put down' and my self-esteem was damaged. I said thank you, but I did not give the excited exuberance that was wanted by the hijacker and for that I was severly chastised.

I continued to pursue the second half of my goal. I purposely did not talk about the emails and phone calls that were taking place, nor the plan that was working. When the process had time to play-out, because I am a patient person, I was surprised one day with a successful outcome. All I could think was – I'm not so dumb afterall – even though I was surely made to feel dumb by the hijacker. I had accomplished my goal. It gave me great satisfation. Satisfaction is the greatest feeling after accomplishing a goal, making a plan, and setting the plan into action. It gives a person purpose, and every person needs a purpose in life.

I learned – don't let others hijack your goals; don't let others take away your purpose in life; don't let others take away your satisfaction.

I proved “to no avail” wrong. The person is NEVER wrong, whether right or wrong – NEVER wrong. Those two important words of apology have never crossed the person's lips, and probably never will. I have been hurt by this person in the past, and those words were never forthcoming; just a moving-on like nothing happened. Well, in this case, the operative words are “moving-on.”

In the future, I will set new goals, make a plan, and set the plan in motion to achieve my goal, and then reap the satisfaction that I stood on my own two feet and kept my self-respect and self-esteem undamaged. No one will hijack my self-respect again. I feel that it is a worthy goal. I feel liberated.

Moral: always have faith in yourself. You CAN do it!