Thursday, August 22, 2013


In the treasure box I recently wrote about, I found some of my mother's history.

My mother graduated from Washington High School in 1933. Their yearbooks were called the Sunburst. I found her yearbook collection from 1930-1931-1932-1933 in very good condition. She was such a 'saver' of memoribilia.

In addition to her yearbooks, I found her original high school diploma and Commencement Program from 1933. Also with it was her diploma from Miami-Jacobs College, Dayton, Ohio, and Commencement Program from June 22, 1935 (she took their two-year secretarial program). I followed in her footsteps by taking the same course at Bowling Green State University after I graduated high school.

Another walk down memory lane and "saver" of important history.

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