Sunday, August 18, 2013


On July 15th, I started my shed cleaning project. It was supposed to start right after the 4th of July, but the rain (and more rain) delayed the mission two weeks. It was full and there were lots of boxes to go through.

As of today, I am FINALLY finished with this project! It had to be done in stages - the first stage being done without any help. (My helper never showed up.) I started with a few boxes and did what I could.

The next day that was sunny and nice to work outside, I decided that I would pull everything out of the shed and sweep it out. Then I stacked Christmas boxes in one corner, craft supply boxes in another corner, and items I'd already sorted in another corner. I could only do so much in one day. I can't (or shouldn't) lift too much or get too worn out at one time.

Last weekend, I decided to sort out the 5 craft supply boxes that have been stored since I used to do craft sales at festivals. I now have only 2 boxes with items to keep for future use. The balance was moved to the garage for another big sale.

This project advanced into the month of August, due to weather delays and no help. A couple weeks ago, I went through all the miscellaneous boxes and now have only 6 left in storage. I still have 3 boxes in the houses to finish, but most of the contents will be trashed after 8 years (mostly old papers).

Today, my handyman was able to assist me in my final step in this clean-out. He removed all the Christmas boxes (all 10) from the shed and we went through them one by one. I now have only 5 boxes of decorations (inside and outside type) and the rest is in boxes for the next big sale.

I also found 2 boxes of glassware that were old and forgotten and I cleaned them both out today. I found a few of my good dishes belonging to my set that had been packed for a move, and stored and forgotten. The dishes are now ready to wash and put in the cupboard with the rest of the set. I have one full tote of glassware ready for the sale since I no longer use any of those items.

It is such a liberating feeling to downsize, clean out, and get rid of things I no longer use or want. After all the "sale" item boxes were moved to the garage today, my garage is now one-third filled with items ready for an auction sale. As soon as I schedule the sale and the items are picked up, I will start on my (formerly August) garage-cleaning project, which is now a September event due to the delays. My handyman said he would help me on Saturday afternoons when needed.

Once I clean out the garage, I can move any items I want to store to the shed, now that there is so much empty space in there. Plenty of room for garage items now!

I went through every room and cleaned out the house for my sale in April. Now the attic is empty, and the shed is cleaned (and a little of the garage) and I have enough for another sale. I hope I can get some of the garage cleaned and add more items to that pending sale.

My July/August goal has been accomplished and I can move on to my September goal and clean the garage. I want to be free of all my junk and slightly used treasures. One man's (or woman's) junk is another man's (or woman's) treasure - the old saying goes. Maybe I'll make some people happy as they purchase my used items (some new) and I reap the profits and pay a couple bills. One can hope - and work until each goal is accomplished!

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