Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I cleaned out one of the boxes on the back porch which had been in the shed (which is now clean). It was a treasure trove of memories. My mother was a "saver" of everything important and some unimportant items. I found some of my important past today.

This is one of my baby dresses and hat to match. Mother dressed me in dresses for several years when I was young. I also found a pair of my baby shoes (I think I have a total of three pair, two are in another box).

On the left are my two pink baby blankets that were in my treasure box, along with my chenille spread from my first bed after the baby crib. They are still in good shape for being so old (LOL).

These are two white blankets like today's "receiving blankets" that were used to wrap me up while traveling very early in my life. I remember when my mother gave these items to me many years ago. I have a cedar chest in my bedroom and I think that would be a good place to store these treasures, instead of a box in the shed.

A bit of history is all I needed to bring back some memories of my youth today. A walk down memory lane has made me tired, so goodnight!

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