Friday, August 2, 2013


I was trying to fix a friend's printer today because the black ink needed to be changed. I pulled out the old empty cartridge, then opened the new box. As I set the box down, with the new cartridge in my left hand, when my left hand and my left thigh of my jeans were immediately turned black when the ink cartridge let loose and soaked me in ink. I ran to the sink and washed off some of the ink and wiped it off, but after one scrubbing with Dawn, my hand was still blackened.

I went home to put rubbing alcohol on my pants before I washed them, but I don't know if the stain will come out or not. I went to ASK.COM to research 'taking ink out of clothing' and tried their method. We'll see after they come out of the wash. I'm a "hands on" kinda person!

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