Monday, August 26, 2013


I now have a new research project in my genealogy search, for another name to add to my chart (see my recent blog).

Not too long ago, in a box, I found my grandmother's original DAR membership certificate (Daughters of the American Revolution) and I set it on my family memoribilia shelf. Recently, while cleaning out another box from the shed, I found my mother's original DAR certificate.

My grandmother joined in October of 1951, and my mother joined in December of 1971. My mother and father moved here in 1971 from Cleveland, so the timing is relevant. There used to be a local chapter here in town, but when it disbanded, all the records were moved to Cincinnati, Ohio.

I remember learning that Hamilton Rogers was a relative and I found him listed in the Revolutionary War reference book at the library. Now I need to find Private Thomas Rogers (maybe a brother or son of Hamilton Rogers) in my family heritage since he's the patriot whose lineage approved my mother and grandmother's memberships in the DAR.

Let the search begin!

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