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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The following article was written by Russell Simmons, founder of and is one of the best I have read about Keith Olbermann's departure from MSNBC. I found it to be good reading as I will miss Keith a lot. He was always factual and honest.

"NBC is a great institution based in the landmark Rockefeller Plaza, where TV and radio began in this country. On Friday night, a bright light was dimmed for no explicable reason, when Keith Olbermann delivered his final show of Countdown on MSNBC. It is being reported that the deal for his removal from the network has been in the works for weeks. Maybe it was someone's ego; maybe he was too honest and forthright. But I can't help but feel that the less honest the extreme right-wing is, the more heavily they get promoted; the more honest the progressive voices are, the more they get silenced. This is where Edward R. Murrow's American media is at today.

Sure, Keith will be just fine. In the case that he is not, I invite him right now to have his own video nightly session on my online platform, But the web still hasn't overtaken the reach and power of the cable networks. That's why my friend (and political opponent) Roger Ailes is so successful. I may not like his politics but he sticks with and supports his team no matter how outrageous they get. Olbermann was only "outrageous" in spitting truth to power. I only wish the other side was so honest. I only wish my friend, Sean Hannity, didn't repeat false talking points like the "two hundred million dollar" Obama trip to the far east, or the lies murders by immigrants in Arizona. I only wish guys like Beck, O'Reilly and Limbaugh didn't give a moment of airtime to people who question the president's citizenship. I only wish that all of the networks didn't promote a preacher with a couple of dozen parishioners who wanted to burn the holy Koran, when there was a lot more important news to report those nights.

Keith wasn't strong on opinion (ones I happen to share), he was strong on the FACTS. He corrected every mistake. This was a rarity on cable news. How MSNBC thinks it can just move on and remain credible is beyond my comprehension. Would Roger Ailes ever think of firing Bill O'Reilly? Advertisers boycott Glenn Beck, but no one touches him. Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, Newt Gingrich and their friends spin a "Mad Hatter" view of the Alice In Wonderland America they have created in their own minds. But who gets dumped? Keith. The honest, powerful advocate who created critical care clinics with donations from his viewers. Who helped Haiti, New Orleans, fought tirelessly against two unjust wars and who made the cause of humanity and honest truth, his cause. That's the guy who gets thrown overboard.

Let me suggest this: Keith, don't be concerned by Air America's lack of success. They didn't have the forum or the real financial support. Let's start a new channel together and make it stick and become a beacon to all Americans.

Keith's is a voice that can't be silenced. The truth can never be silenced."

Amen to that - come back soon Keith!

P.S. Keith is tweeting for the State of the Union address tonight; yeah.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Keith Olbermann was fired from MSNBC's highest rated show, Countdown. Countdown brought the MSNBC ratings to the top, outdoing CNN, and Keith WAS the show. We will miss him greatly. Comcast has made a terrible programing decision and will soon learn the downside of its' loss.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Let it snow, let it snow. Get it out of the clouds, like getting it out of its' system. Maybe we can have an early Spring this year. I'm hoping so hard. I have had enough of snow for one season.

I'm ready for Spring, green grass and warmer temperatures. I want to take the dog for a walk again, and see the sunshine grow new grass. No, I'm not getting 'cabin fever' because I have been able to get out and about, but I'm just sick of the snow.

A little warm-up would even be nice, to melt the snow and clear the streets. The only ones who benefit from this weather are the snow plow drivers and all their overtime wages they earn. I'm sure they love this weather, but they are not the average driver or senior who might need to get to the pharmacy or grocery.

Luckily, during the recent rain we had, I stocked up on the necessities of life, so I'm good if I can't get out for a few days. I'll be just fine. To add a little to my happiness meter, my dead tree was cut and removed from my yard, so LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW.

Be safe driving out there! Snow makes for slippery roads and too many accidents for people who won't stay home. Be patient and take your time...there is nothing to be in a hurry for since life will pass one moment at a time, no faster.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


This has been such a strange week. For some it was a three-day weekend because of the Monday holiday. Others were busy at work or going about their normal lives at home. Some people were friendly and helpful, some were not talking to each other. Who knows why? I still don't understand it. But if people don't TALK, they will never know what's wrong.

Its too bad some people just clam up, stay inside and don't even try. I found it is so much easier to go through my day if I have a friend to talk to, or at least share ideas.

This week I have been busy solving situations. For example, one of my "facilities" (toilet) stopped up and my cheap plunger just wouldn't fix it, so I called my friendly plumber.

Then I found out that one of the trees in my front yard was dead, or at least three-quarter dead, so I decided why have a dead tree threatening my house in a storm. Cut it down. So I called my friendly home repairman who has done work for me before. He cut the tree down. (The picture was taken just before the last large limb and trunk was taken down.)

Now to dispose of this small tree (others called it a medium size tree), I called another friend who has a trailer and a fireplace and TIME on his day off. I GAVE him all the firewood for hauling it all away for me. I even went outside and helped him separate the small kindling from the big chunks. Some people buy firewood for their personal use, but I have always been a generous person, so I gave it away. I saved a little of the small chunks for another friend, who has helped me in the past. I like to spread my goodwill and giving to those I can help.

Tomorrow all the wood will be gone, the yard will be cleaned of limbs, and others will be sitting in front of cozy fires, and my dead tree will no longer pose a threat to my house should a storm and high winds knock it over. I feel like I accomplished a lot by recognizing a problem, thinking about a solution, and taking action to accomplish the goal I set.

You must take charge of your life, and when faced with lemons, make lemonade. I'm still working on solving my "unknown" problem posed by a quiet person, but I never give up. However, there are times when when a person needs to separate themselves from unwanted drama in life and just let things go. I have already had enough grief in the last three weeks with the news of my aunt's cancer diagnosis and hospitalization. The weather and snow in 49 states has prevented me from visiting her for possibly the last time in her 89 years.

There's always one person I can count on to cheer me up when I'm feeling down, sad, or upset. We had lunch and TALK TIME together yesterday and that put a smile on my face and in my heart. Cherish those people in your life who are dear to you; try not to lose friendships, because they are hard to come by and are especially meaningful in older people's lives. Strive to be happy. I'm working harder at it these days. It makes a person feel good.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Some people can sleep through anything. Not me. Certain sounds wake me from my semi-conscious state immediately - like the sound of a particular voice, or fire engines roaring down the main street.

Have you ever wondered what the sound of an exploding pop bottle sounded like? Or the taste of a really overcooked twinkie? How about a burning pile of cigarettes? I thought of these specific images early this morning once I woke up and became aware of those things happening. A little before 5 a.m., a (possibly suspicious*) fire broke out less than two miles from me. *I surely don't know, but I'm positive the State Fire Marshall will make a determination after an investigation. It could have been electrical, a coffee pot left on, or something else.*

Lane 22 (as it was called) on State Route 22, a stone building with gas pumps out front and convenience store items inside was ablaze and the local fire department worked to extinguish the flames. I later learned that the fire was contained to the building, no gas pumps or exterior items were involved. However, after seeing the site a little while ago, I was sure my visions of crispy potato chips, pretzels, donuts, and fried twinkies was indeed a reality. I can just imagine what a cooler full of cold pop bottles sounded like exploding in the extreme heat of the fire.

Due to the yellow tape around the area, I was not able to get close for my photo, but I saw that the interior was totally black and just plain poof, gone. You can't see it in my photo, but a second floor window was blown out and also blackened. There were three guys there staring into the front door as I watched, and one yelled to the other about getting some tools. I didn't stick around to see what they were going to do.

This fire was nothing like the huge blaze that brought down a tall brick building in town across from our Dairy Queen many months ago, but it does remind us all that fires can be dangerous and more extreme during frigid cold temperatures. It is always more hazardous for the firefighters during freezing winter conditions, yet they step up to the plate and do their job with courage and dedication. There are some that just don't give firefighters enough credit and appreciation for what they do. They risk their lives to put out fires, rescue people and animals from burning buildings, assist in first responding when a life squad crew is tied up on other calls, since they are all EMT's, and some Paramedics, and they must be ever ready when the fire tone sounds to instantly drop everything and run to their chosen profession's obligation to serve the people.

A good example of true grit and total dedication is our local fire chief. He spent 20 years fighting fires, getting training, and acquiring the all-around skills to be promoted to Chief, then to serve 18 additional firefighting years in that capacity. That's dedication! He is retiring next month, and a lot of people will miss him. He led his department through great strides to a new building, taught others skills and wisdom he had learned over many years of love for the job. He is a proud firefighter and leader, and I have seen him in action, as that leader of men, on fire scenes I photographed in the past. I just hope that the next person chosen to succeed him will have the same kind of dedication to the profession and love for this community to carry on the high standards set by our retiring chief.

I don't drink, but Chief, I raise my glass to you and toast your career, and just know that in my eyes, no one can fill your shoes like you can. Enjoy your retirement and know how grateful some of us are for what you have accomplished and what you have done for this community. Salute!

Thursday, January 13, 2011


If you like Oriental food, think of old Ohio, where it started. In 1920, bean sprouts were grown in a bathtub by two Michigan fellows who had a vision.

Wally Smith wanted to learn to grow bean sprouts, and asked his Korean born friend, Ilhan New, how to do it. They started a sprout garden in Smith's bathtub. They started canning bean sprouts in glass jars. They came from the University of Michigan, started their business in Detroit, but during World War I moved their business to Archbold, Ohio in 1942. Why? Location.

Northwest Ohio has lots of chickens and cows. Nearby Michigan grows lots of celery. Pennsylvania grows big mushrooms. Archbold is also near a lake port and railroad transportation. The soil was great in Archbold for growing tomatoes.

Together they formed La Choy Food Products, Inc., which was later sold to Beatrice Food Company, but retains its name and a 40% share of the market of various Oriental foods. Mr. New left the company in 1930 and Mr. Smith was struck and killed by lightning in 1937, but the company survived and flourished. They added many more Oriental foods and a cookbook to their products while the company was growing.

The company expanded their warehouse over time, produced more products, kept up with modern technology, now doing frozen foods, and has over 350 employees in Archbold. It all started with growing bean sprouts in a bathtub, like an American dream.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Stamp or postmark collectors - take note - there's a place you should visit. In Bellevue, Ohio, there is a museum, a part of Historic Lyme Village, which is the world's largest collection of postmark history, with more than a million items.

The museum was the dream of Margie Pfund of Columbiana, who started collecting postmarks and postmark-related items in one room of her house in the 1940s. She started getting lots of donations and had to move the museum several times.

The museum is run by members of the Postmark Collectors Club. The museum also has more than 1500 publications related to postal history and a few vintage post office boxes and canceling stamps.

To see their website click here.

From: Ohio Oddities

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today is one of those days that you can't forget its number: 1/11/11. There will be another ONE day this year: 11/1/11.

Each year has at least one day that is numerically memorable: 10/10/10, 9/9/99, and so on.

Numbers have such a significant place in our society, it's hard to get away from them, If you have a vehicle, you have a license plate number. After you are born, you get a Social Security number. Later you get an address number, a phone number, and a driver's license number.

Stop and think of all the times you run into numbers: dates on a calendar are numbers; look at the numbers on your watch; and be sure to count to ten slowly before you get upset. As you drive, you see the mile marker numbers go up or down as you go east or west, north or south. There are numbers on every exit ramp on local or state routes.

Numbers are a numerologist's playground. For example, eleven is a Master Number in Astrology and Numerology; it possesses the qualities of intuition, patience, honesty, sensitivity, and spirituality. The sun spot cycle repeats about every 11 years. Eleven, in the 12 Step Program, is a step of meditation and courage. A rocket must travel at over 11km per second to escape the earth's gravity. World War I ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. The television shows Cheers and MASH both ran for 11 seasons and both had 11 main characters.

So since today is the day of elevens, I wish you all would be honest, patient, and sensitive to others, to all those you are angry with, to all those who are hurting for one reason or another, and for the recent events which have shown an general anger building which has no place in our civilized society. Happy Eleven.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


After reading a news article tonight, I learned that the Ohio Department of Development is being abolished for a 12 member "special friends" panel of appointees of our new Governor. It will be run - outsourced - to his good friend from California, Mark Kvamme. Mark is a venture capitalist (rich guy) and co-worker from Lehman Brothers, the article said. Wow, more Lehman Brothers crooks to run Ohio.

The new Board will be called JobsOhio. That's original!?! The new Governor, as of Monday, said, the good news is that not all 400 departmental employees will lose their jobs; some would be moved to other positions. How comforting to those 400.

Kvamme stated that he didn't know much about public policy, but looked forward to on the job training. Oh goodie, give a friend a job and let him learn as he goes. I thought we just heard that he was giving huge raises to certain key people on his (the Governor's) new staff, compared to Strickland's staff. Kasich stated that you had to pay to get good, qualified people. Sounds like if you are his friend, you can get a job. If not, you are **** out of luck for his four years of Ohio's agony.

WE ARE DOOMED! and will be taxed to pay for his private home security. SCREWED might be a better description.

**Mark Kvamme is a venture capitalist focusing on investments in enterprise data management software and consumer media and advertising services. (Per his resume as a Board of Directors member at Cast Iron Systems (an IBM company) in California.


I grew up listening to and loving his music. I have old vinyl records and his CD music now. The King's voice will never go out of style!

Click here to go to Elvis' website to see the Graceland party!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


President William McKinley may be dead, but he's still talking. The McKinley Museum and National Memorial in Canton, Ohio, has life-size animatronic versions of President and Mrs. McKinley. Enter a large second-floor room of this Victorian home, and you'll see what appears to be a couple of mannequins, frozen in time. But trigger an invisible beam and these lifelike First Figures start chatting away. It can be pretty unsettling for a first-time visitor. President McKinley comes alive!

From: Ohio Oddities

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ohio is the only state without a flag. Ohio's "flag" is, technically, not a flag but a burgee. A burgee is a sort of twin-tailed pennant. Ohio is the only state that uses one.

It was designed by John Eisemann, a state official. The large blue triangle represents Ohio's hills and alleys, while the white and red stripes are said to represent roads and waterways. The stars, 13 of them, in the blue field represent the original 13 colonies of the United States. Four stars at the peak of the blue field are for the states added after the initial 13 and point to Ohio as the 17th state admitted to the Union. It is claimed that the large red circle surrounded by a white "O" stands for "Ohio."

Historian Richard McElroy points out that the burgee was first flown at the Ohio building at the Pan-American Exposition in 1901 and closely resembles a banner carried by explorer Christopher Columbus on his expedition to the New World in 1492. Since our state capital was named for Columbus, it's possible that the explorer also influenced the design of the Ohio flag, which was adopted by the legislature in 1902.

From: Ohio Oddities by Neil Zurcher

Sunday, January 2, 2011


To all my blog readers, I'm sorry I didn't get a cheery Happy New Year posted last night. It's been a very hard 24 hours for me.

I like to stay home and safe on New Year's Eve, but I learned some very upsetting news yesterday afternoon.

We all age, but sometimes it's not graceful. In May 2009, I drove to Texas and spent two weeks with my aunt. She is my mother's sister, and the last of my maternal older relatives. She lived with us when I was very young, while my uncle was in the Korean War. Later my uncle was stationed in Texas, where she has lived for about 50 years. When she was physically able, she used to visit here every couple years, until about 10 years ago.

My mother died almost six years ago, so my aunt and I have stayed in touch often. When I was visiting her, she was doing fine. She got around fine, still drove her car, lived alone (but had a housekeeper twice a week to help her with chores), and cooked for herself. She microwaved most everything, but when I was there, I cooked for her. She enjoyed the home cooking for a change. We talked and talked family stuff for two weeks and when I left, she was fine. I have been writing letters or talking to her on the phone until November.

I had written two letters to her in the past six weeks, but never heard back from her. That was unusual. After several attempts to call her, when I didn't get an answer, I finally called her best lady friend. She had given me the number a few years ago in case of an emergency.

Her friend told me that she was in the hospital and not doing well. I found out what hospital she was in and called, but was unable to reach her. I worried all night long. Today, I finally reached her nurse and was told she could listen to me, but could not be understood in order to communicate back.

I decided to try and was able to say a few things to her and only heard a few sounds of recognition in return. After calling her friend back today, I found out why. My aunt has a very bad throat infection which they are treating with antibiotics. But the underlying cause of her problem was a recent diagnosis of cancer of the mouth. Needless to say, I was shocked, stunned, and shaken.

My aunt has always been a heavy smoker, and my many suggestions to lighten up or quit were spoken to deaf ears. She said it was her only pleasure at her age. Now she is 89 years old, dying of cancer of the mouth, and is over 1000 miles away. I want to go see her, but I realize how almost impossible that idea is, really. All I can do is pray, and call back tomorrow and check on her.

So when I began looking forward to a new year and things getting better, my hopes were badly dashed. I spent my New Year's day worrying, phone calling, and praying. This has hit me especially hard, because my mother was 89 when she died. Death is an inevitable fact of life, but I know this one will hit me hard when the time comes.

I hope my new year gets better, because with my aunt in the hospital dying and I can't visit her; a good friend upset with me and I really don't know why (and he won't talk about it); and just passing the two year anniversary of the estrangement between myself and a younger biological relative, I am not feeling very positive about things right now. I will keep praying for a better tomorrow. All I can do is leave it all in God's hands.

I hope you all had a better New Years and wish the best for all my readers, friend or stranger. Please keep me in your prayers. I thank you, one and all.