Saturday, January 12, 2019

Un-Typical Saturday

Winter has arrived. Today the snow came down, and came covered the grass, the streets and the trees. We have now had the first official snow of the new year. My county is now under a Level 1 Snow Emergency for driving.

Watching the falling snow is somewhat calming, while it turns the outdoors white, the indoors can feel warm and cozy.

As the snow fell, I was wondering if the driveway would be so bad that I would have a hard time backing out to get to church in the morning. Then I looked out the window and saw someone shoveling my driveway - what a surprise. The man who lives across the street had shoveled his driveway a little earlier, and I noticed he was clearing mine. What a nice neighbor! It pays to make friends with a few neighbors - you never know when you might need one, or want to do a favor for them.

This neighbor is in a profession well known to me (the job I retired from) and works at the same place I used to work. I am glad he bought the house across the street where my friend used to live (before she passed away), and his two daughters are the cutest.

God put a few helpers in my world, but I never know when they are going to show up. I always have something to look forward to. I am no longer looking backward. The past is the past and I move forward at my own pace, but always forward. A new day, a new tomorrow to experience.

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