Monday, September 9, 2013


That magic bug hit me again today - the cleaning bug.

Yesterday, I read an online article entitled "Pack Rat Or Hoarder? Here Are The 6 Signs That Tell The Difference." It was so interesting, I reviewed it again before I went to bed.

When I woke up, I thought of cleaning out something. I chose my cabinet in the kitchen where I store cooking items, such as large pots and crockpots. Some time ago, I wrote a blog about cleaning every cupboard in my kitchen and downsizing it earlier this year. After I re-cleaned this cabinet, I had a few more items to add to the sale stuff stored in the garage.

That one task did not satisfy my "bug" so I also cleaned out what I call my 'Tupperware' cupboard. I don't have but a few pieces of original Tupperware these days, but my food storage containers needed looking at. I matched lids with containers and threw away the bad ones. That cupboard looks neat again and I had a few more items to take to the garage.

After cleaning a cabinet, a cupboard, and completing three loads of laundry today, my 'bug' was healed and I was able to relax for the evening. I never know when this 'bug' will hit me, but this year it has visited me at least eight times. The bug caused me to clean each room in my house, my attic, and my outdoor storage shed. I know the bug is waiting a week or so to attack me for the garage cleaning. More work to do, but I've got to keep busy. Until next time...

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