Thursday, September 26, 2013


These are photos of the frames I previously hung on a wall in my office room in my house. I have taken them down to make room for newer items. I can now take the certificates out of the frames and reuse these frames for other items. (Sure saves buying new ones!)

When I held an active EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) license in the State of Ohio for six years, I had to attend a certain number of continuing education courses to keep my license up-to-date. These are some of the certificates I received and framed in the first three years of my service. Two certificates are for ambulance drivers training and proficiency, even though I rarely got a chance to drive. I was a volunteer crew member, not a paid full-time member.

When my mother took ill in late 2004, I took a leave of absence from the Life Squad to take care of her. When mother died in February 2005, I decided not to return so I voluntarily let my license expire. I now have the memories of my service, these certificate to remind me of my training, and a sense of pride that I accomplished something good that will enhance my legacy.

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