Friday, December 30, 2011


The month of December went by fast. I was prepared for Christmas on time. I had a nice Christmas day and the following couple of days. However, I'm glad it's over. The yard decorations came down on Monday, the tree and indoor decorations were packed up today.

The house is clean and I'm ready to tackle my winter indoor projects. I have a few boxes of “stuff” to sort/trash/donate, and I'll try not to ruin a good shredder with the couple boxes of old paperwork that has been purged from my files. I learned this year that I save too much paperwork, so for the new year, I will resolve to do better and use my shredder more often.

I am now looking forward to a new and better year. They (the news) say the economy will improve somewhat, and I hope that's true. It will be a busy (and difficult) year on television with all the coming political ads blasting away at each other, which is very annoying, but it's an election year.

I am looking forward to some of the NFL playoff games, the Super Bowl, the start of the new TV schedule for my shows like The Bachelor, Biggest Loser, Castle, Harry's Law, Law & Order SVU, The Apprentice, and soon a new cast for Dancing With The Stars and America's Got Talent.

For my TV viewing in the new year, I will be watching through clearer new glasses and a clearer TV screen.

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