Saturday, October 2, 2010


The bank bailouts certainly helped those on Wall Street, and there are 667,200 millionaires living in New York, an 18.7% increase from the previous year. So why does New York have such huge budget problems?

Finance (banks and Wall Street types), technology (Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo types), and oil (BP and Exxon types) remain the main sources of wealth in the U.S.

Isn't that why we NEED the Wall Street Reform Bill?

Los Angeles has the second largest number of millionaires at 235,800, a 13.3% increase from the previous year. More actors and actresses getting richer? Still, the difference between the amount in New York and Los Angeles is significant.

Chicago and Washington D.C. are next on the list with 198,100 and 152,400 respectively, again an increase of 15.1% and 19.3%.

One person commented:
"Millionaires have been made and the rich have become richer while the middle class and poor have lost their homes, lost their jobs, and for all practical purposes, pulled the country down because of George Bush's tax cut. Now the rich do not want any tax increases. People should not blame this administration on the state of the economy, the unemployment, or anything that has pulled the country down... But, the conservative machine is doing a great job of stirring that pot and placing blame to any place except where it all started, and that was during the Bush Administration. Let the rich get richer and it will create jobs, well where are the jobs?"

Another comment was:
"The only ones that made out are those fat cats on Wall Street, like John Kasich. It was the biggest STICK UP and no one had to go to jail or pay for their greed. They should be the taxed the heaviest to put the money back into our economy!"

They're right. In the last 20 months, this country has seen progress and improvements because of the President's accomplishments like:

*Froze White House staffer pay.
*Set a deadline for closing of Guantanamo Bay.
*Signed an executive order to ban torture and inhumane treatment of prisoners.
*Set a military draw down in Iraq.
*Signed an order banning gifts from lobbyists.
*Passed the AMD Stabilization and Support Bill to strengthen the military.
*Expanded the SBA programs for lending.
*Passed a credit card bill of rights to prevent gouging by CC companies.
*Directed the FCC to improve broadband availability.
*Created the Advanced Manufacturing Fund to invest in manufacturing strategies.
*Closed the "donut hole" in Medicare prescription drug plans.
*Expanded the Senior Corps volunteer program.
*Required insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions.
*Gave tax credits to those needing help paying for health care.
*Expanded eligibility for Medicaid.
*Expanded funding and loans to train healthcare providers.
*Fully funded the Veterans Administration.
*Provided funds to the VA to retain mental health professionals.
*Appointed a special advisor for violence against women.
*Funded the Violence Against Women Act.
*Made investments in advanced military air technology.
*Ended the abuse of supplemental budgets for war.
*Allocated Homeland Security funding according to risk.
*Increased funding for local emergency planning.
*Appointed a White House coordinator for Nuclear Security.
*Initiated a grant and training program for law enforcement.
*Improved international relations.
*Restored funding for the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant program for anti-drug and anti-gang task forces.
*Established an Energy Partnership for America for research in clean technology.
*Improved the release of presidential records.
*Expanded the Pell Grant program for low income students.
*Pushed enactment of Matthew Shepard Act to expand factors of hate crimes.
*Restored funding to EEOC to fight pay discrimination.
*Funded the Community Development Block Grant program.
*Promoted Arts education.
*Passed Wall Street Reform to restore accountability and responsibility.
*Passed a new healthcare bill to cover 30-50 million more Americans.
*Established criminal penalties for mortgage fraud.
*Raised fuel economy standards.
*Encouraged investment in alternative energy.
*Created a job training program for clean technology.
*Supports high speed rail (i.e. grant to Cincinnati for the 3C connector).
*Increased funding for the EPA.
*Extended unemployment benefits.
*Reversed restrictions on stem cell research.


These are all GOOD THINGS and with faith, confidence and support, he will do more for the American people. We just have to vote OUT the PARTY OF NO, the obstructionists and haters. Please vote November 2nd.

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"What's The Matter With Kansas?" Why do people vote against their best interests?

What's the matter with Fayette County? We are so poor and yet the people keep electing Republicans!