Saturday, August 7, 2010


During a break in my busy schedule of late, I took a long overdue trip to visit my nephew, Jeff, in Youngstown. We spent an interesting evening going through a box of photographs, looking for some special family photos, in the mass of pictures I gathered during my "shed cleanout" last month.

We caught up on events of the last few months, and I knew I had his computer to fix the next day. He has a sister, Lorrie, whom I had not seen since 1987. I had lost contact with my niece, and recently learned she also resided in Ohio. The last time I saw her was when Jeff was in the U.S. Navy and living in Norfolk, Virginia. At that time, I was living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. For those of you who are familiar with that area, you know they are connecting cities. She was visiting Jeff when I found out he was stationed there for a while, and I went to visit him. I remember taking photos during my visit. I'm still searching for them!

When I arrived at Jeff's house, I learned that Lorrie and her son, Joe, were temporarily staying there while she relocates and completes her college courses at Youngstown State College. It was a nice reunion and walk down memory lane.

Since my arrival was before supper, we went to Denny's the first night. I like Denny's, but around home we don't have one. Jeff is a good cook and he grilled out the second night, after a short spurt of rain we didn't expect. It was a short visit, but a good time for all.

I remember Jeff from when we were children and my brother would visit and bring the kids to visit Grandpa (my dad). When the family moved to California, Lorrie was born so I never knew her until we were adults.

It's always nice to reconnect with family members, no matter how long the distance or years of separation - family is always family. I'm sure my next visit will be soon, before winter comes.

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