Wednesday, August 18, 2010


A fundraiser was held for State Representative Ray Pryor at the New Holland Community Center last Sunday. It was well attended and we raised money from many donated pies and cakes which were auctioned off.

Governor Ted Strickland made an appearance and spoke to the crowd on behalf of Ray and talked about his own campaign. The Governor then greeted people and posed for photos with Ray.

Ray gave his greetings to the attendees, he introduced the Governor, after which food was served. Hot dogs (with all the trimmings), baked beans, and Les's famous macaroni salad - which I love. (Les is Sue's brother.) When the event was over, it was hard to find one cup of the macaroni salad left!

The Governor had to leave at 2:30 p.m on his way to Gallia County and wanted to take a hot dog with him, and I made sure he had a cup of that special macaroni salad in his "to-go" box.

Many door prizes were given away during the day and I believe everyone had a good time and good food. Thanks to Dave, Grace, Faye and Jane Ann for hosting the event. The next event is August 22nd, a house party, and I posted the invitation here yesterday.

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