Monday, July 15, 2013


Today was a beautiful sunny day and not too hot out. I was finally able to start my shed-cleaning project without the prospect of a rain storm to interrupt my work.

I sorted out five boxes so far. I emptied three and the other two are a lot lighter. I did find a few things of great interest to me. One - I found my grandmother's original certificate with raised seal from 1951 when she joined the DAR (Daughter's of the American Revolution). We have a relative who fought in the Revolutionary War named Thomas Rogers and it has been officially documented.

Two - I found my father's collection of antique razors from the early 1900s. I will have to research the name and style of each to ascertain the year of origin and value.

Three - My grandmother was a seamstress by trade and I found her old box of sewing notions and Singer sewing machine attachments. I have a friend who runs a sewing shop and I know these items will be put to good use. (I don't sew!)

There were many other items which I plan to keep, but too many to list now. At least the first stage of the project is finally started and I will continue this week to dig through boxes and find more treasures. The weather is supposed to be hot and sunny this week. The rain has given me a break!

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