Tuesday, July 30, 2013


While working on my shed project, I went through a couple boxes recently and found my father's old razor collection.
Naturally, there was one I had never seen before, so I just had to research it. The straight razors were more familiar. Two honing stones, two straight razors and a rare old round razor have a new home in my collectible cabinet.

This is a Ladies Shermac Round Razor invented in 1930 and patented by Joseph J. Shermack of Detroit , Michigan in 1931. The handle is celluloid in a marbleized color. The head is round as you would expect and it holds the original blade. The underside of the razor is marked "SHERMAC round razor made in the USA". The box is similarly marked. The razor was manufactured by National Production Company, St. Jean Ave., Detroit, Michigan during the early 1930s.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if the small round rotary cutter blades would fit one of these? Anyone try?