Tuesday, November 25, 2014


That was the message on Michael Brown Jr.'s father's t-shirt on television during a news conference today. It is blatantly obviously that there was NO justice in Ferguson, Mo. yesterday. The prosecutor did everything he could during the grand jury to get Darrin Wilson not indicted.

The saying being heard on social media these days is "want to get away with murder (or kill a black kid), become a cop." Cops can kill unarmed kids and get away with it. No person being called for grand jury duty has the guts to do the right thing and indict the cop for doing the wrong thing. So he gets away with murder. It is a tragedy of enormous proportion.

The only hope is that the Brown family will file suit against Wilson and the Ferguson Police Department and win their case just like the Goldmans did in the O.J. Simpson case. There is precedent in these civil cases.

Now Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin can meet in Heaven and together seek justice for the future kids that will be killed by trigger happy cops. There was one in Cleveland just the other day.

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